Liberto Bros Painting Interior Designers specialize in turnkey residential design that brings you from an empty shell to a completely decorated residence down to the towels in the bath, linens on the bed and food in the fridge. We handle all the details from space planning and furniture purchases, to installation and finishing touches.

Liberto Bros Painting Interior Designers provide a complete design service both using what you have and filling in with new pieces as appropriate, or giving you a completely new look. Design is a bit of magic and a lot of expertise, Liberto Bros Painting Interior Designers can work most successfully with your approval on major pieces and your go ahead on the little details to make it all come together in an inviting, personal solution that meets your lifestyle.

Liberto Bros Painting Interior Designers provide full remodeling services, from creating your wish list to space-planning, to colour schemes and furniture selection. Working with a designer is like adding another member to your family. We will get to know you and determine your lifestyle, habits, preferences, and direction you are headed. Liberto Bros Painting Interior Designers will put together a room by room written plan according to discoveries made during the initial consultation.

Each living space on your plan is completely space planned working from the initial brief and site measurements. This establishes the optimal flow through each room as well as the scale and proportion of furnishings to be selected. A presentation is made with options for colours and fabrics for each living space, with particular attention paid to continuity throughout the spaces for a well coordinated, tailored look that meets the functional and aesthetic needs of your project.

Liberto Bros Painting Interior Designers will source all items for you, working in line with your personal preferences and requirements. The installation itself is a co-ordination of many individuals on the design team as well as the suppliers and sub-contractors.

One of the reasons you hire a designer is an investment in their talent, unique ideas, and access to the latest design products. It is essential that in the design process you are open to new ideas, products and suggestions for achieving the custom interior best suited for you and your family. To help Liberto Bros Painting Interior Designers understand your needs and personal preferences, often the client provides Liberto Bros Painting Interior Designers with a wish list, which can include pictures of design elements you may have seen in magazines, along with your specific requirements or concerns. Liberto Bros Painting Interior Designers is very successful at blending different tastes and styles for a comfortable and inviting result.

We offer the following services in Residential Design:

  • Full interior design/decorating service
  • Concept design sketches and drawings.
  • Digital photo realistic drawings.
  • Assistance in choosing and sourcing fabrics, furniture, drapery, artwork, décor detailing, colour choice etc.
  • Sample/story boards where required.
  • Sourcing and obtaining relevant quotes for various items required.
  • Budget and cost management
  • Liaison between suppliers and client.
  • Project management.

Liberto Bros Painting Interior Designers is a superior quality company. We seek to employ superior quality people and associate ourselves with superior quality clients, contractors and suppliers. If it is your wish to become one of our clients after understanding our introduction, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to meeting you.